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It's the start of the season Jim, but not as we know it

The first home match of any season is always a bit surreal; sort of feels incongruous that in the midst of the holiday season (in my case eight days after you escape the 40 degree heat of Tuscany) you are back in the North Stand in your Nilsson 2 shirt giving it the pre-match Hi-ho. But this year – blimey – it feels like we have mysteriously beamed down to another planet and are wondering when we are going to...

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Sheffield Wednesday Fanzine
Thoughts on club and financial strategy

Before I start on the main content of this piece here’s a few words on the football. As those who were there will testify the performance at Preston was awful with hardly a redeeming feature – it was the play-off games with Huddersfield but far worse. During the Tuesday press conference Carlos put it down to the players being over-excited which I am sure most fans would struggle to comprehend. During that same presser Rob Staton asked all the right...

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How can we overcome divisions and build more unity? A few thoughts....

What worries me most about the whole Brexit business is that the binary nature of the decision we had to make in the referendum just forced splits and divisions that hadn’t previously been there. The spread of voters went from absolutely committed people at the two ends of the spectrum across a real range of complex views that didn’t naturally sit with either extreme – I regard myself as an example of that (reluctant remain) and I am sure there...

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Further thoughts before 5th August

From David Lincoln

Again there is mixture of anticipation, excitement and questions for the new season. Recruitment seems slow but if we sign the right players with the correct background  then it will be worth it. I understand there is a feeling of frustration amongst the fans that we have only signed Boyd and we require at least two players in the central defensive positions.  Does this mean we cannot bring the superior technical players we need from the British based talent available?...

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The Gloomy Fog of the Play-Offs is Lifting, What Next.......?

As I was walking out of Hillsborough after the crushing play off penalty shoot-out I knew that I would feel very glum for a bit, but I never really expected that re-discovering  the Wednesday mojo would take this long. The defeat at Wembley was tough to take but it wasn’t a complete surprise, that, and the thrilling positivity from 40,000 Wednesdayites, both helped in the recovery process which was pretty short for me. On the other hand I thought the...

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A slightly more sceptical view on CC's new contract

Paul recently penned a lovely piece for the fanzine which is incredibly positive about CC and DC. Unlike Paul and the majority of Wednesdayites I remain a bit of a Carlos sceptic. My reasoning is this:

For me the real test of a football manager is not whether titles or cups are won, or whether promotion is achieved, but whether the team at least achieves the best that could reasonably have been achieved with the resources available. In 15/16 given his...

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