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After the Bolton shambles where to next?

There is much disquiet amongst Wednesdayites just now. Local journos are blamed for alleged rabble rousing and inciting fan insurrection, whilst others, me for one, think they are just doing their job. I’ve seen fans being blamed for not setting the right context of support for the team which I think is rubbish. There has been some nasty and out of order stuff directed at individuals. The ‘Carlos Out’ say camp just that. The ‘Carlos In’ camp just say the...

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Sheffield Wednesday Fanzine
Is it time for CC to go whilst he still has the love of the Massive?

A feature of most matchdays lately are the texts from one of my mates. They only ever contain two words – one is “Carlos” and the other is “Out”. So yesterday I received two messages a short space apart. The first said “Carlos Out Carlos Out Carlos Out” and the second said “Carlos Carlos Carlos Out Out Out”.

I am clear that Martyn is not one on his own but my sense is that most Wednesdayites are a little more conflicted....

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Sheffield Wednesday Fanzine
An International Break Stock-Take

Not so long ago I wrote a piece for the fanzine titled Groundhog Day which was bemoaning the fact that last season’s home games were just like that – so very predictable. And it appears our starts to the season are so very similar – by the October international break with 10-12 games under our belt we’ll be mid-table, and so it is in 2017/18. So, at 11 games in that feels like a good point to take stock of...

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Sheffield Wednesday Fanzine
Reflections on the Brum defeat and what happens next?

Everyone knew we needed a big response to the derby defeat in the game at Birmingham and CC assured us there would be one.  As it turned out we were better than the Sunday debacle but that has to viewed in the context of Birmingham being a lot worse side than you know who, and they had not won for 8 games and were without  a clean sheet in 9 before Wednesday night. It was Groundhog Day again with not enough...

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More responses to the Derby Day Debacle. Then We Move On.

I won't go into details about that shocking display as I am sure that you have received more than enough reaction.
As I write this at 2.45pm, more or less 48 hours after the debacle, and having seen some of CC's comments at his press briefing, I cannot believe that we have not heard one apology from players, coaches, or Mr Chansiri himself. Lee Bullen must surely know how gut wrenching that shambles makes us feel, so I can only conclude...

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Sheffield Wednesday Fanzine
A few thoughts on the debacle that was our derby day

What a mess that was. All my fears came into reality. I feared that Carlos would take his usual laid back approach – treat it like a normal game; my arse, as Jim Royle would have said. Wilder knows it’s not a normal game. I knew he would have them up for it and they were.  I feared we would produce another one of our slow starts, and we did. I feared we would give soft goals away, and we...

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